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Building a resource consisting of primary and secondary works by and about Ibn Khaldun.

al-Muqaddima: al-Ma`ash--English and Arabic Texts


al-Muqaddima, often published in Arabic as Muqaddimat Ibn Khaldun or simply as al-Muqaddima, is a remarkable work of scholarship by the Muslim jurist, historian, philosopher, and thinker Abd al-Rahman Ibn Khaldun, widely known as Ibn Khaldūn (d. 1406 CE). In al-Muqaddima, Ibn Khaldun built an astounding body of knowledge covering broad areas of inquiry including history, philosophy, sociology, ethnography, economics, and other practical and abstract sciences.

This edition includes the Arabic text of al-Muqaddima, Book One, Chapter Five, Making a Living; and an introduction by the translator, Dr. Ahmed E. Souaiaia, highlighting some of Ibn Khaldun’s most significant theoretical contributions to economics. 

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